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Declan Galbraith - Boy Singer

Declan galbraith

Declan Galbraith - boy singer.
Declan's  grandfather was a musician who played in Irish folk bands and he regularly bought Declan along to watch him play. However, his grandfather died and it was his mother who was the driving force behind his success. she entered him into many competitions from the age of seven, and when he won told all the record companies and agents she could. Her persistence finally paid off when Barry Mason went to see him compete in the National Youth Talent Competition of 2001.

Barry Mason liked what he heard and after  recording one track (Walking in the air) for a Christmas compilation album and with the help of his new agent Max Clifford , was able to secure a three year contract with EMI. Declan Galbraith first CD and single 'Tell me why' have now been released.

Declan Galbraith boy singer



1.  Danny Boy
2.  Carrickfergus
3.  Imagine
4.  I'll Be There
5.  It All Begins With Love
6.  Your Friend
7.  Love Can Build a Bridge
8.  Mama Said
9.  Till the Day We Meet Again
10. Amazing Grace
11. Circles in the Sand
12. Angels
13. Tell Me Why
14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Declan's Prayer)
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